How to Resolve Waterfront Erosion

It comes in all shapes and sizes, and so do the solutions to stop it

You may have a very large erosion problem that could require professional help. There are also erosion situations that you can easily tackle yourself with the right materials and education.

Remember, if you do not currently have any rock on your shoreline, then a permit is usually required. Always call your local zoning officer to confirm if what you plan to install is legal and follow proper protocol.

Unfortunately Glenn Lester Co is no longer taking on Erosion Control and Rock installation projects. However there are other local contractors well qualified to do installations and related projects. 

Undermined Bank

Is your shoreline located in a cove without much boat traffic and wave action? A hand laid riprap revetment that you can install yourself may be an option.

Serious Property Loss

Are you losing feet of property each year?? This can be due to storm force winds, rains and wave action. Usually properties with open water access (like the Potomac River) come with serious concerns if you aren't protected. Armor stone or large rock revetments may be the ultimate long term solution. Your property is an investment, choose wisely in how you will investment to keep the property what it is today, and not regret it in years or months to come.

Standard Erosion Issues

Erosion appears in many different forms. Are trees on your shoreline losing their root system and prone to fall? Many people are unaware but winters can also be hard on your shoreline. The freezing and thawing process can cause dirt loss and plant death which in return weakens its stability.