Mulch Varieties

Skip the Bagged Stuff. We have the Largest Selection in the area.

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Classic Hardwood Shredded

The Classic stuff. No Dye, just all natural hardwood. It's only downfall is that is will lose it's color quicker than the Dyed Varieties.

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Dyed Hardwood

Dark Walnut - Black
- Chestnut Red

We offer three Different Dyed Mulch Varieties. These retain their color astonishingly longer than the classic Hardwood mulch. The color can even be revived by raking it down the road. The Dyed Dark Walnut is a beautiful dark brown color and is our Number One Selling Option (and for good reason!).


Regular - Fine

We offer Two different Pine Mulch varieties. Pine Mulch is more nutritious for your plants and has a different texture than Hardwood Mulch. Fine Pine is very light and feathery. Regular Pine is a good alternative to Hardwood Mulch.