RipRap / Shoreline Protection / Revetments / Marshtoe Stabilization Sills / Breakwaters / Beach Nourishment

Check out these Before & After Pictures! 

Don’t let your valuable shoreline wash or erode away. Riprap revetments can protect your shore against mother nature and passing boat traffic. 

We start by grading the land (if needed) and applying a filter cloth foundation. A buried toe of riprap below the water level creates a durable foundation for the rocks to stay in place and combat strong waves and wind.

New riprap installations require permits, which we are happy to obtain for you. We follow state and county regulations and work with local environmental officers to ensure full compliance.

Most RipRap stone revetments are done by excavator, however smaller jobs can be completed by hand. Our rock artists are great at what they do and you can rest assured you'll have a quality job well done. 


Think you have an erosion issue? Each job is unique. We would love to meet with you on site to create a custom plan and free estimate based on what will work best with your land’s topography.


You can see the bank is full of trees and eroding away into the water below, this bank was probably at least 20' high

Local Waterways we offer riprap and shoreline protection for: 

  • Great Wicomico River

  • Rappahannock River

  • Potomac River

  • Little Wicomico River

  • Corrotoman River

  • Fleets Bay

  • Carters Creek

  • Little Bay

  • Tabbs Creek

  • Indian Creek

  • Dividing Creek

  • Ingram Bay

  • Cranes Creek

  • Yeocomico River

  • Cockrells Creek

  • Coan River


       Service Areas Include: 

  • Kilmarnock

  • Weems

  • Irvington

  • White Stone

  • Reedville

  • Burgess

  • Lottsburg

  • Calloa

  • Lively

  • Windmill Point

  • Ottoman

  • Fleets Bay


  • Merry Point

  • Sunnybank

  • Ophelia

  • Edwardsville

  • Vir-Mar Beach

  • Fleeton

  • Sandy Point

  • Remo

  • Horse Head 

  • Heathsville

  • Lewisetta

  • Smith Point


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