How much rock do you need?

Utilize our calculator for estimated tons needed

Stone Calculator

Measure your project area and enter the dimension to get an idea of how much material you will be needing. Keep in mind this calculator tends to run a little heavy. Need under 5 Tons? Your best solution will be to come by our supply yard and carry materials home yourself on a truck bed or utility trailer. Considering using a pea gravel? You will want to spread it very thin, think, 1" thick. Since pea gravel does not compact, the deeper it is spread the more indentations that will be visible, like foot prints or tire tracks for example. For projects estimating over 10 Tons, we would recommend having a team member come out and give you a free consultation to help you better assess your project's needs.


This calculator simply provides an "estimate" of materials needed. Glenn Lester Co will not be responsible for any miscalculations or errors in ordering totals.