Standard Gravel Types / Aggregates Available

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Stone is Sold by the:​


SCOOP (One Full Scoop contains 2 Tons, 1/2 & 1/4 Scoops are also options) (Purchasing "by the Scoop" is available for onsite pick up only)

DELIVERY / Dump truck Load​

Deliveries per Truck Load can contain 5-10 Tons. There is a minimum purchase of 5 Tons in order to qualify for FREE Delivery (Deliveries for less than 5 Tons have an additional delivery fee). Call for more information and to schedule a delivery. 

Stone School Tip: The Lower the Number, the Larger the Stone. For Example, #1's are rather Large. #8's are Tiny. 

#57 Blue Stone (2).jpg
#68 Blue Stone.jpg
Crush & Run Blue Stone.jpg
#5 Blue Stone.jpg

#57 Blue

Driveways - Drianage - Shared Lanes

Good for roads that have heavier traffic, such as community lanes. This size rock is good for staying in place, for areas susceptible to water flow and heavy rains.

#68 Blue

Driveways - Pathways - Gravel Roads

Our #1 Selling Stone. Utilized for 75% of driveways we install and repair. It compacts well and is easy to walk on, making it the best and most cost efficient for driveway repair and installation.

Crush & Run / #21A Blue Stone

Pot Holes - Base Gravel - Driveway Base

Comprised of #5 Blue Stone and Stone Dust. This type of stone is very popular and can be used on it's own or mixed with another blue stone for easier tail gating. Great when used for a base on new driveway, expansions and for filling pot holes. By the way, we also sell gravel by the 5-Gallon Bucket.

#5 Blue Stone

Driveways - Drainage - Shared Lanes - Pot Holes

Very similar in size to #57 Blue Stone, but slightly larger. Used on driveways and roads with heavier traffic, as well as drainage projects.

#1 Blue Stone 2
riprap rock
Blue Dust Stone.JPG

#3 Blue Stone

Construction Entrances - Wash Outs - Inclines - Eroded Areas

Great option for gravel to be used on construction entrances and logging roads (soft grounds, or where heavy equipment would be driving over). Could help in areas with drainage issues.

#1 Blue Stone

Construction Entrances - Wash Outs - Small Scale Erosion Solution - Inclines

Larger than #3 Stone and utilized in similar situations / projects. If Blue / Gray is your color, these larger stones could also be used for landscaping and decorative purposes.

RipRap - Armor

Erosion Solution - Revetments - Decorative - Borders & More

These large rocks have countless uses. We primarily use RipRap (Size Class A1) for Erosion Control projects. We install RipRap Rock Revetments, Marsh Toe Stabilizations and more. Many of our customers come onsite and hand select this size rock for various types of projects.

Blue Stone Dust

Pavers - Dog Kennels - Base -  Fire Pits

Another very versatile material. Dust is a good choice when used as base material if you plan to use pavers. When compacted it does Not allow for good drainage.

#8 Blue Stone.jpg

#8 Blue Stone

Driveways - Decorative - Pathways

Smaller than the #68 Blue Stone, #8 Blue Stone is another versatile option. Works great as a driveway material on small driveways. If you want something a little more unique than the standard Blue - Gray Driveway option then this is a good pick, also more low cost friendly than decorative stone options.

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